frequently asked questions

We took our time to carefully answer most questions or worries clients ask themselves before placing an order. Incase of any extra doubt or worry feel free to contact us through text, call or email. Thanks

shipping information

How much is the delivery fee on an order ?

Delivery is Free for all orders worldwide. No fees and no hidden charges

How long does delivery take ?

> USA: 2-3 business days

> Canada: 3-5 business days

> European Union & United Kingdom: 4-7 business days

> Australia: 6-8 business days


What shipping methods are available ?

For security reasons we ship via standard domestic postal service. It takes a little longer but it is safe and secured. We had 100% delivery rate in 2019 & 2020

What happens if my parcel does not arrive ?

We guarantee the delivery and we will re-ship or compensate incase the order does not arrive

payment information

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept payment through Paypal, Zelle or Bitcoin

Can I change or cancel my order after payment ?

Please contact us. You cannot modify or cancel your shipped order

Can I return my order after shipment ?

All sales are final. But incase of sale of sub standard products which will need to be proven by the client, the order can be returned to us so we ship a new order or process a refund